® 4" x 6" Zebra/Eltron Compatible Shipping Label Rolls, 500 Labels/Roll® 4" x 6" Zebra/Eltron Compatible Shipping Label Rolls, 500 Labels/Roll

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A well-run shipping floor can’t stop to swap out label rolls often. Your fulfillers are too busy packing sealing and getting shipments out the door to have to stop because the labels ran out again. Don’t bother with the headache. Use your Endicia account with® 4" x 6" Zebra/Eltron Compatible Shipping Label Rolls and keep your shipping staff working on what’s really necessary!

  • Authorized for all USPS mail classes, weights, and destinations
  • Labels backed with strong self-adhesive, will not detach during shipping
  • All rolls are shipped in a protective thermal bag to preserve quality and enhance shelf life
  • Sold individually or in packs of 6

Template Number: Zebra/Eltron 4" x 6" Label Roll

Label Size: 4" H x 6" L

Labels per Roll: 500

Color: White

When printing postage onto this label, the following features are supported:

Hide Postage Value: Yes

Print Message on Label: Yes

Print Logo on Label: Yes

Print Receipt: No

Print Packing Slip: No

Express Mail Delivery Options: Yes

This label is compatible with the following printers currently available on the Endicia Store:

Additional printers that are compatible with this roll:

  • Zebra LP 2844, GX420t, GX430t, GK420t, and more
  • ProLabel+ Printer